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Friday, April 29, 2011

Ways to Show Children You Care

* Notice them... get caught staring at them-even throw in a wink.
* Answer their questions with full attention at eye level.
* Create traditions and fight for them.
* Laugh at their jokes.
* Include them in your jokes.
* Smile a lot
* Acknowledge them with a heartfelt "Good morning!" and a "Hi!" when you see them.
* Discuss their dreams
* Be relaxed in their presence. Just sit with them.
* Say their names.
* Contribute to their collections.
* Hide surprises for them to find.
* Kneel, squat, sit so that you are at their eye level.
* Go and find them at unexpected times.
* Play outside together.
* Surprise them.
* Remember their birthdays and other significant days in their lives. (This was the day that you took your first step, trip to the doctor, etc.)
* Ask them about themselves.
* When they ask your advice give them options.
* Listen to the answers.
* Stay with them when they are afraid.